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Do I need a visa to enter Russia?

Yes. UK nationals and most foreign nationals need a visa to enter and stay in the Russian Federation for a specific period of time.

Can I travel only with support documents?

No. You will need a visa. Only the actual visa in your passport issued by the Russian Consulate will allow you to enter Russia.

Business or tourist visa?

Depends on the purpose of your trip.

Tourist visas are valid for up to 30 days and allow either a single or double entry and exit.

Business visas are valid from 1 to 12 months and may allow multiple entries and exits.

If you need to go to Russia urgently you can apply for a tourist visa and still do business in Russia until your business invitation is ready.


Do I need to stick to the entry and exit dates?

No. You can enter Russia after the starting date of your visa and you can exit Russia before the date of expiry of your visa. However, you are allowed to enter and exit Russia only within the validity period of your visa.


What will be the duration of my visa?

Your visa dates will be the same as the dates in your support documents. If we are providing the support documents for your tourist visa, you may request longer validity, up to 30 days.


Why do I have to register my visa in Russia?

According to the Russian Law all foreign visitors have to register their visas within 3 working days of their arrival in Russia. Those who fail to register their visas may be required to pay fine when they try to exit Russia or if they are stopped by the police.

- If you are staying at a hotel the hotel staff should automatically register your visa usually free of charge.

- If you are staying at a private/rental apartment or with relatives and friends you can register your private visa at the nearest Police department usually for a nominal fee or contact us for registration assistance in Moscow or St. Petersburg (additional fees apply).

- If you have a tourist visa and you are not staying in a hotel, we can help with visa registration. Please contact us for details.


Do I need to book my flight before I apply for visa?

No, but it is advisable that you do that well in advance (applies for British, EU, USA, Canada, Australian and New Zealand nationals).


Do I need travel or medical insurance?

Generally British passport holders are not required to present copies of their travel or medical insurance in order to apply for visa. For British passport holders who are not born in the UK and for other nationals it is obligatory to supply medical insurance together with their visa application documents.


Do I need to send my passport to you?

Yes. We need your passport because the consulate will affix your visa to it.


How long are you going to keep my passport?

We need your passport only during the consulate processing time. We do not need your passport during processing time for visa support documents or invitations.


How should I send my passport to you?

You can send it by post or courier.

Please do not send your passport by regular mail. We would advice that you use Royal Mail Special Delivery (paid up to 500 g for £4.50). It is guaranteed for next day, requires signature and you can claim up to £500 compensation for lost or damaged items.


Can you transfer my valid Russian visa in a new passport?

Yes. We will need both your old passport with the visa and your new passport.


My child is under 18, do we have to apply for separate visa and are the costs applicable to him/her as well

Yes. Unfortunately even a baby of 1 month is treated as a separate applicant and will need to apply for a visa, just as an adult.


What additional documents are required for a child under 18 to apply for a Russian visa

Normally a letter of consent and a passport copy of the parent/parents, not traveling with the child will be requested. Every situation is different, please contact us before you apply.


I will be visiting Russia as part of a cruise. Do I need a tourist visa if I want to visit any city in Russia independently and what support documents are required?

You will need a cruise visa and you can apply with the official itinerary from the agency organizing  the cruise. Your visa will be cheaper than the standard tourist visa. Please contact us before you apply. We offer good discounts fro 2+applications.



If you have more questions please feel free to contact us and one of our visa consultants will be happy to give you competent advise according to your specific needs.











































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